Sunday, May 23, 2010

Baby's First Haircut

Yikes! Is my baby girl who I just brought home from the hospital already getting her first haircut? For real? It was exciting, scary, and very necessary since we could hardly see her pretty little eyes, and bows don't stay in her hair very well. Which is really sad because I love little baby bows.

We took her to this awesome place called Sharkey's Cuts For Kids. They did an amazing job, and it really was a fun little place for kids. They had TV's in front of every hair cutting station. They can either watch a DVD or play a video game while they get their hair cut. Julia watched Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and it held her attention perfectly. Thankfully she was the epitome of excellent behavior (and cuteness).

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  1. You little one is adorable! I'm a mommy of two girls myself...aren't little girls heavenly?!