Monday, May 17, 2010

Poll Day Monday!

I have decided that every Monday I will put up a new poll.  Just for fun.  Now I've got to think of some good poll questions.  If anyone has a poll question they want to suggest, I will use it in future Poll Days!

In case you haven't heard, Julia took a nasty spill on our wood floor yesterday morning.  It was very traumatic for all of us.  She decided she wanted to use an almost empty cardboard box as a tool to help her stand.  I'm sure you can guess what happened next... she fell back and slammed the back of her head on the floor.  It made the worst noise I have ever heard and it will haunt me for a while.  She cried for a couple of minutes and then fell asleep in my arms.  Being a very worried mama, I called the doctor.  Of course it was Sunday and they weren't in the office (this thought didn't even enter my head until I heard their out of office message over the phone).  Thankfully they had a number to call for an after hours nurse at the children's hospital.  As long as she was due for a nap (which she was) it was okay to let her sleep. So that made me feel a little better.  Also I had to watch for vomiting and dizziness, neither of which happened.  I held an ice pack on her head while she slept.  When she woke up, she seemed ok and was playing with her toys and crawling around as normal.   A little cranky, but if you hit the back of your head on a hard floor, wouldn't you be cranky too, and with a major headache I'm sure?  All day and all night I was looking for signs of something terrible.  I even went in to check on her in the middle of the night to make sure she was still breathing (hey, I'm a first time mom, remember?!  This was her first, and probably not her last, major fall).  I felt horrible the whole day.  I should have been there to keep her off that box.  Actually, that box shouldn't even have been where she could get to it!  She was fine.  Do they make little pillows that attach to their heads to cushion falls??!!  LOL.  We did end up putting up a retractable gate there so she can't even get to the wood floors anymore.

So, that was our Sunday.  Not a relaxing day, to say the least.  But surprisingly, today seems to be going very well so far!  Got some cleaning done, Julia is keeping herself entertained with toys and our favorite, Yo Gabba Gabba (strangest show ever!).

So, take my weekly Monday poll (it's to the left and down a bit)!  I know it's a lame question.  Just wanted to test out the whole poll thing and couldn't think of anything clever.  Next weeks will be better, I promise!

Also, I need some subscribers!  Come on, you know you want to ;)


  1. Just wait, it gets harder once she is walking!! Just started my blog too...good luck :)

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