Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Word On Baby-proofing

Where to start?  Just that now that my child crawls everywhere and pulls herself up on things and will be walking before I know it scares the crap outta me.  That doesn't even cover it!

They do not make enough baby proofing items to make a first time mama feel comfortable.  But honestly, I won't be comfortable until my house looks like a rubber room.  And she's no dummy.  She's already trying to figure it all out!

I admit, I was anxious and excited for her to start doing all of this stuff.  And yes, it is cute.  But WHAT WAS I THINKING???!!  Everyone warned me.  And everyone was right.  It is cute the first week or so.  Well, it's still cute.  Just the scariest thing ever watching your daughter go head first for sharp furniture and wall knives corners.

Regardless, it is pretty awesome to watch her explore the world and her surroundings.  Just stop getting into every little thing, baby girl!  The refrigerator full of yummy food is not interesting, I promise ;)

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