Monday, June 7, 2010

And the word is NO

Aside from "da-da", the word 'no' may end up being Julia's first word (I've already given up on the ma-ma thing lol).  I find it crazy that she's only 9 months, yet I'm already having to tell her no, many many times a day!  My little explorer is just getting into everything, and I just hope she starts to understand what 'no' means and SOON!  According to her pediatrician, she is at the point where she is able to start to understand things like this, which I also find crazy!  She's already at the place between infant and toddler.  HOW DID THIS HAPPEN SO QUICKLY??????

And if something is baby-proofed, she will sit and try to figure out how to un-baby-proof it. Like today for instance.  I had placed Kid Kushions around the sharp corners of our wood TV stand back when she first started to crawl, so about a month ago.  All over it!  I think every corner and every edge on every shelf has a Kid Kushion.  I even got them in black so they would blend in with the piece of furniture in hopes she wouldn't even notice them.  Honestly, we (Tim and I) can barely notice them!  But Julia goes right to them and has now figured out that they are not permanently attached and they come off!  She pulled about 3 pieces off, and now those pieces no longer stick well, and there are sharp dangerous edges and corners threatening my poor baby's beautiful head!  So I will be ordering more until I find a better solution.  Don't even get me started on the fireplace.  She pulls herself up to standing on that glass when she knows I'm not looking, and I just have visions of the glass caving in and just bad bad things.  It's a gas fireplace and with no door, but not sure how much weight the glass can hold.  The thing is impossible to baby-proof though.  Since we rent this place, I will be calling the maintenance dude asking if there is anything they can do to make the fireplace a little safer.  Worth a shot, right?!

Like I've said before, I will not feel comfortable until my house looks like a rubber room!!  And that's not even close to all she gets into in a day.  I have dreams of the word 'no' at night!  I hate saying that word to my sweet little girl all day long, but how else is she going to learn?  I think 'no' is now my least favorite word, and I'm sure Julia would agree.

Also, it's Poll Day Monday!!!  Don't forget to vote!  :)

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  1. Hi there! I'm a new follower. Love your blog design and Julia is a doll! :) I voted in your poll, too. Hope you'll come visit me.